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Marcus Black Says He Doesn’t Know How To Be An Actor, So He’ll Be Keeping It 100 This Season on Love

"I don't even know how to get on camera and make some stuff up, and am absolutely living my true self."

by Taylor Davis 7/19/2017

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood newbie Marcus Black is refreshingly candid in this Meet the Cast interview.

The Chicago native is open about everything, from always telling his truth to his fears as an artists. He’s a rapper and a songwriter (he’s written music for Justin Bieber) who is looking to use this opportunity on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood as a platform to build his brand, like he’s seen other artists do over the years.

From the sounds of it, he’ll also spend time this season with his boo and fellow new cast member, Brooke Valentine. Marcus describes as her as fine, smelling good and a good cook, but that sometimes she can act crazy. We’ll have to watch this season to see if there’s more to the story, somethings tells us there might be…

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood premieres on Monday at 8/7c.

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