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Nicky D’s, Young Thug and Lil Yachty Celebrate Life in Colorful “New Day” Video

When Nicky D’s first burst onto the scene four years ago, he appeared as a rap classicist’s dream, flexing impeccably agile flows and airtight rhyme schemes over old school production. Since then, he’s branched out quite a bit, and that much is clear by “New Day,” a sparkling, colorful new cut featuring his signature skills and the Auto-Tune-laced stylings of Young Thug and Lil Yachty. Today, XXL delivers the premiere of the visual for the track.

While Nicky D’s definitely showcases the same rapping ability he did on The Fighting Irish Vol. 1, a project he dropped a few months back, he manages to use a quick-fire flow here to accommodate a beat you’d think would be more suited for Thugger and Lil Boat. It’s a new day indeed.

“New Day,” available now on iTunes, is a perfectly energetic and upbeat track that’s all about positivity and embracing opportunity. In the visual for the track, shots of Thugger and Nicky D’s posted up in a flossy whip are interspersed with clips of Yachty chilling in a stairwell and Nicky wandering through what appears to be a desert or a mountainous area in his native California. Besides that, baddies and bits of purple light and colorful animations appear, reminiscent of watching Suicide Squad.

“My concept for ‘New Day’ was just being thankful for another 24 and looking forward to what life can bring you,” Nicky D’s tells XXL of the new Crime City Films and Loyal (First Class Films)-directed visual. “I wanted to make sure it was positive and as fun as the record sounds. Lots of colors and animation is what I seen when I was writing the track so the visual gotta match. You got three different styles in me, Yachty, and Thug coming together on a banger. We just had to capture that same energy.”

Apparently, a part of capturing the proper energy for the video involved getting to know some of the people involved with the shoot, namely Thugger.

“My DJ wore this like Super Saiyan Dragon Ball Z cosplay type outfit and we all clowned him about it. It was mad funny. Thug and I had an interesting conversation in the car between shooting scenes,” Nicky shares. “He thought I was from L.A. and I let him know I grew up in Moreno Valley, Calif. At first he was like ‘Where?’ until I mentioned Kawhi Leonard from the Spurs grew up there too.”

It turns out Nicky and Thugger had a mutual acquaintance from Moreno, and the West Coast rhymer was a bit shocked—in a good way, though.

“He really messed me up though when he asked me if I used to work at one of my old jobs. I said, ‘Yeah,’ naturally but in my mind I was like, Yo, how does this dude even know that?” Nicki explains. “Had me thinking he was psychic or something. Turns out, his driver was a dude I used to help out there a lot. He came up to me after to congratulate me on all the success. Moments like that are always cool because it lets you know people are genuinely happy for you. I chalk it up to good karma.”

Check out some of those good vibes in Nicky D’s latest video featuring Thugger and Yachty below. And to keep up with Nicky D’s latest moves, follow him on Instagram.

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