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Marcus Black Explains Why He Got Into It With Hazel, And How He Was In Protective Mode For Brooke At

"Under no circumstances am I willing to let anybody sit in my face and tell me about Brooke or anybody else I love."

What happened with that scene where you got into it with Hazel about running L.A.?

Well, I mean it was just her whole disposition. Hazel, I knew her from back in the day. She used to be an assistant for this lady named Echo, [who] did my PR. When she came in she [had] a chip on her shoulder and she called me she was like, “I know you Paper,” which is what I used to go by growing up, something that a lot of older homies called me. And she was like, “Yeah y’all had me on payroll.” And she was kind of trying to act like she was Echo. And I’ve kind of been watching her and her whole situation. So when she came in, I was like, you’re on bulls--t right now. I see where this is going. Plus, under no circumstances am I willing to let anybody sit in my face and tell me about Brooke or anybody else I love. I mean that’s not the type of person I am. But she’s a female and I wanted to keep it cool. I’m not gonna sit here and go back and forth or argue or do anything like that but you, [so] I said, "I don’t really do that back and forth with females."

Going back to much earlier in the season, there was also the confrontation with Jade and Brooke. What were you thinking while that was happening?

I had no idea I was gonna be ambushed like that. Still there was no preparing for it. I was caught off guard, surprised and kind of irritated. I didn’t want to handle Jade like that, but that was just how it was. And when I found out what Jade was actually saying about our relationship in public, I was a little irritated with that because Jade doesn’t believe that. Have I led her on a little? Perhaps to believe that there’s a chance that we may be able to explore more. But we never had that conversation. We never had the conversation as far as like what we were exploring. I was married. And I was with my daughter’s mom the whole time I knew her. She’s not the type of girl to mess with a married guy so we never explored it. I knew she wanted to explore it and I didn’t shut that down.

But when she started telling people that I was her dude or we’re going to be together, I’m like come on, we never said that. Which is kinda why I had to nip that in the bud cause you got Brooke who I love and this is who I want to be with. I’m already in hot water just how I dealt with this how she found out about the marriage. You know now that the divorce is done and here this. It’s like come on, there’s no truth to this. You know not only have we not been together, we’re never gonna be together. I never told you we were gonna be together. Perhaps I didn’t shut the idea down when you alluded to us being more. I called her and apologized for the situation. [I know it] was just very uncomfortable for her. And I’ve always been like more of a gentleman. I don’t want to get out of character with any female even if I feel she deserved it. I don’t I felt like she earned that [apology] but I didn’t want to give it to her. I felt bad about that so I apologized to her and we’re still cool.

Did you end up returning the ring you got for Brooke?

Are you kidding me? That ring is out of here. Listen that ring is so gone. And I was in limbo with it because I love this girl to death I would do anything for that girl in this life. A lot of people are acting like I cheated on Brooke but Brooke and I, we weren’t in a relationship.

Where did things go wrong with Brooke, in your opinion?

[Brooke's] a girl I really love and here I am 31years old and I don’t aspire to be girlfriend and boyfriend. I feel like I’m too old for that. And I was married before. I know what I want in my life. My parents are still married. And so it was just how that whole situation went down. We were doing better - she showed up to my mom’s birthday party. And I tell her okay, listen if we’re going to move forward in any capacity, you gotta get rid of Booby. [Their kiss was] the most passionate kiss that I saw in the entire season. And I was like, "Oh, this is crazy. This is not gonna work out how you think it’s gonna work out if that’s how you’re out here doing it." And I’m not mad at her at all and I wanna be clear. People don’t understand why she was out to get me so bad. I did some things I shouldn’t have done.

But at the end of the day, I wanted to marry her. She was pissed off at me and I think she went way too far. And it hurt her more than it hurt me. Because she put herself in the space of confusion. And here you are with a childhood friend and you guys have never explored that side of things and here you go. Now it’s like, well, how do I feel? All that just to get back at me? I didn’t feel like that was a good move. I said, go do that cause you want to do that. Go be with Booby if that’s what you want to do. That’s not what [she wanted] to do. And it backfired on her. She knows that.

How was your first reunion experience?

Initially it was so chaotic in there. Hindsight is 20/20 and it just it was a lot, you know? And everybody said that it’s not typically as crazy as it was. And I just I felt like I had to be my own security. It was just it was crazy in there, like [with] Hazel and Moniece. Nobody saw that coming. Like, nobody. At that point I was like, "Ok, Hazel already had a chip on her shoulder." I actually lowkey I [went] into protection [mode] like "Ok, nobody’s running up on Brooke like that." So I just that’s where my mind went. I know Hazel and Brooke have their issues [this season even though] they’ve never had issues before. I feel like Hazel just started attacking Brooke [this season] and trying to attach herself for whatever reason. But I was prepared for that. I was like, "Man, she come over here you know I’m gonna have to be like a wall. No, we’re not going for any of that." That’s not just for Brooke, that’s for anybody I love. I’m not gonna let you do that. And then the Misster Ray and Zell thing that was crazy. That was just ridiculous.

Will we hear the song you did with Brooke?

It actually just came out a couple of days ago, “Nothing of Something.” The people want what they want. And they wanted the record.

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